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Environmental Justice

Poor-quality housing, fracking, land grabbing and the destruction of forests are threats to health, livelihoods, ways of life and quality of life. Fighting for people's rights is part of protecting our environment.

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Unequal distribution of power, money and resources drives environmentally damaging policies.

It leads to injustice and human rights abuses in the UK and internationally.

Campaigning together for fair solutions

It’s often people with the least power and money who are:

  • ignored by governments and corporations;
  • most affected by polluting industries and infrastructure, like incinerators, built in their communities;
  • the worst hit when the environment is damaged and as the effects of climate change take hold.

That’s why we’re campaigning all over the world with our network of volunteers, sister organisations in Friends of the Earth International and people facing daily the consequences of environmental injustices.

We believe that solutions to the world’s environmental problems must respect people's rights as well as the environment.

Our contribution


  • Mobilising and supporting grassroots campaigns across the UK on issues such as fracking and flooding.
  • Pushing for better UK planning.
  • Strengthening and protecting people’s environmental rights by working for better and stronger laws.
  • Helping people participate in environmental decision-making, providing training and legal advice.
  • Taking urgent action to protect people at risk because of their defence of the environment.
  • Calling for companies to be legally accountable for human rights abuses caused by their business practices abroad.


In March 2015, after three years’ campaigning by FoE Cymru and others, the the National Assembly of Wales passed the ‘Well-being of Future Generations Bill’. This law – the first of its kind – places a duty on public bodies to carry out sustainable development in everything they do, and to put the long-term wellbeing of people and the planet at the heart of all their decisions.

Since 2008, we’ve helped seven communities in Paraguay badly affected by industrial soy expansion to confront powerful business interests. The government has begun prosecuting soy producers who are illegally deforesting or misusing pesticides.

Our support for community members fighting fracking in Balcombe, Sussex, changed the way oil and gas is regulated across the UK. We’ve successfully given communities the tools they need to fight fracking – supporting local people to campaign for themselves against this unwanted and risky technology.

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