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Join the generation that saves our bees

Our bees are in crisis.

Without them, our environment and economy - including our food - are in trouble too.  We need them to pollinate our fruit and vegetables - it would cost farmers at least £1.8 billion a year to hand pollinate crops.  

And right now, they need us to help save them.  

Here in the UK, bees are facing many dangers such as:

  • Habitat loss
  • Exposure to harmful pesticides
  • Climate change

Help us learn more about British bees, and easy ways you can help them.

 Easy ways to help bees 


Tips for exploring the map

Enter your postcode on the map above to skip straight to your street. You can also tick or untick the boxes floating over the map to show more or less detail.

Here’s a bit more about what the map icons mean:

Your Stories: Read about what people like you are doing to save our bees. Why not add your own story?

Bee Saver Kit seeds planted: Join the tens of thousands of people who covered the UK in wildflowers. Order your Bee Saver Kit today.