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Rise up for the climate

Will you rise up for the climate?

People are ahead of politicians on climate change. They’re showing that they want warm homes, clean air, renewable energy and an end to fossil fuels.

We won’t halt rising global temperatures in one fell swoop. Climate change will be stopped by drawing a million lines in the sand, in communities around the globe - like in south Wales recently, where local people, pictured above, halted an opencast coal mine.

Millions worldwide are already part of a movement that's building the clean future we need: rising up against fracking, pressuring banks to move investments out of fossil fuels and supporting community energy.

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Rise up for the climate


Take action

Take action online now to fight climate change and share solutions.


From meetings to rallies, mass demonstrations to the Paris climate talks, there’s lots going on that you can get involved in.


Inspiring stories about how people everywhere are rising up for the climate.


From leaflets and banners to detailed briefings – access the resources you need to take action.

Climate movement map

Check out the people taking action on climate change around the country with our map.