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Friends of the Earth works with a small number of commercial partners to help fund and win our vital campaigns.


Since 2007, Friends of the Earth has advised Eurostar on its Tread Lightly programme which aims to reduce the impact Eurostar has on the environment. The company is working hard to cut CO2 emissions per traveller journey by 35% by 2012 and its wider business and supplier CO2 emissions by 25% by 2015. Eurostar supports Friends of the Earth's work, as part of its commitment to act on climate change and encourage others to reduce their carbon footprints.

Eurostar places great value on its relationship with Friends of the Earth. In the ongoing development of our Tread Lightly Programme, they provide us with an external stakeholder viewpoint which is both supportive and objective but also challenging in making sure we are held to account in terms of our policies, targets and reporting.

Peter Bragg, General Manager Environment and Energy, Eurostar International Limited

Good Energy

Good Energy Logo

We're working in partnership with the UK's only 100% renewable electricity supplier, Good Energy.

We've been supplying the offices of Friends of the Earth for almost a decade and have developed a strong relationship with them over the years. We know how vital their environmental campaign work is and like us, they recognise that amazing things can be achieved when like-minded people work together. With their support we believe our vision of a country powered purely by renewables could become a reality.

Barney Rhys Jones, Managing Director, Good Energy

Green Oil

Green Oil makes a range of green bicycle maintenance products - plant based, sustainably sourced and palm-oil free. Recycled plastic is used for the bottles, with clear recycling information on all packaging. The company recently launched the world's first FSC certified bike product, the Green Oil Bicycle Brush.

Green Oil is proud to be supporting Friends of the Earth's Big Green Bike Ride in 2012, providing complimentary products to all 6-day participants and discounted products through Friends of the Earth's shop.

Simon Nash, Director, Green Oil

If you're interested in working in partnership with Friends of the Earth, please contact us.