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Local authorities

Friends of the Earth works with local government to put the environment at the heart of decision making.

The best places to live and work in the future will be those where local people have a say in what works best for them and the environment.

Local government has a massive role in this - from recycling to road schemes to home energy. It's critical in tackling big issues such as climate change and the impacts of the food system. And it represents people at local level.

It's partly through our work with local authorities that millions of people now live in areas that have declared themselves free of genetically-modified food and farming.

Climate challenge

Right now local government is key to facing up to the challenge of cutting carbon. 

Tackling climate change must be at the centre of local government's vision for their communities. It is the single priority which overrides all others.

 Local Government Association's climate change commission, 2007

Our Get Serious About CO2 campaign is calling for every council to do its bit to tackle climate change. We're proposing that every area uses a local carbon budget that limits how much carbon it can produce.

This would mean every council having an ambitious climate change strategy that gives local people a say in the future of their area.

> Find out what councils can do to tackle climate change.

Acting local

We work with communities to make sure their voices are heard by decision makers at local and national level.

Our network of more than 220 local groups and teams of regional campaigners engage local government and communities in working for a better environment for everyone.

> Find out about our work across England, Wales and Northern Ireland

We get face to face with leading councils and community groups. And we work with stakeholders like the Local Government Association to create solutions that work for councils and the people they represent. 

The key thing for me about Friends of the Earth is that it's ordinary individuals getting involved, telling politicians like me what needs to be done.

Councillor Neil Harrison, Bristol

Friends of the Earth has been actively involved in supporting Birmingham's work to create a truly low-carbon city. [Its] support to projects like this is critical

Keith Budden, Birmingham Environment Partnership